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Saturday, 30 May 2015


Max Road to Paris-Part 2

Modelling, Styling and Editing by me


Blue Menswear Shirt - Max Fashion | Oversized white shirt- Thrifted  | Powder blue shorts- Max Fashion | Shoes- Max Fashion | Satchel Bag – Pelicans & Penguins | Black Bead necklace worn as a Bracelet | Rosaries- Gifted 

Eyes- Maybelline Colossal Liner | L'oreal Paris Kajal Magique | Lips- Oriflame Pure Color Intense Daring Berry | Nails- Maybelline Bright Sparks Blazing Blue 

I’ve always been fascinated by how men roll up their sleeves so carelessly and look effortlessly stylish wearing their comfy cotton shirts and messy hair. As a teenager, I always fancied trying on oversized  menswear shirts and jackets, however, I was way too lean then to fit into them. Though boyfriend shirts are specially being designed for women these days and being sold worldwide, I  love to steal clothes from a man’s wardrobe –dad, brother or even from that special someone ;) (now that I can fit in to an extent). I even purchase a lot of menswear shirts and Tees. They are super comfortable and have always been my go-to option for days I’m feeling too lazy to dress up. Here, I wore a soft white cotton shirt and layered it with this blue menswear shirt. I paired it with powder blue linen shorts which are so apt for summers. I accessorized the look with my usual cross necklaces; they have become a body part now. I cut my hair a week ago and feeling absolutely exotic. Thankfully, my hairstylist was kind enough to not chop off my hair length and gave me just the kind of fringe I wanted. I have come to realize how important it is to at least trim them once in a while if not willing to go for a drastic change in the hairstyle. It's best way to look put together all the time.

This brings the series to an end. Imagining how wonderful it would be to travel to the beautiful country of France and attend the Paris Fashion week. While I now sit back and relax for sometime before I start working on the next posts, here’s what you could do for me. Like both the posts on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,. As simple as that!

 “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”- Eleanor Roosevelt.

Winning or losing is a different story. I would say- May the best one win.


Monday, 25 May 2015


 Max Road to Paris -Part 1

Modelling, Styling and Editing by me


Mint Tunic – MaxFashion| Blue Fringe Lace jacket – MaxFashion| Printed leggings- styletag.com | Shoes- jabong.com | Neckpiece- Bracelets- Owl ring- Thrifted 

Eyes- Maybelline Colossal Liner | L'oreal Paris Kajal Magique
| MAC GoldenRod Satin  Eyeshadow| L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lash Mascara | Lips-Maybelline Rebel Bouquet REBO5 | Nails- Lakme Absolute Fast & Fabulous Storm Green

Like every girl inclined towards the world of fashion desires to visit Paris at least once in a lifetime to see much more than just the Eiffel Tower, I was excited too when the sweet people at Max let me know about their #MaxRoadToParis contest. The brand asked me to create Street Style looks with their new collection to participate in this contest. I love how this brand keeps up with all the latest fashion trends and yet is so affordable. When I walked into their store to choose the outfit for the shoot, my eyes fell first on this pretty mint tunic and I knew I was going to style it.  All those who follow my blog know how much I love my blacks and whites. However, I’m so thankful to Max for being the reason to bring in some color on my blog :D

I chose this romantic and feminine blue lace shrug to throw over this dress as a contrast and tied it around my waist for a complete street style vibe. I paired the outfit with a printed legging which has been favorite ever since I bought it. To complete the look I wore my new pair of yellow shoes I had bought an year ago regretting the buy a month later for they were too ‘yellow’ for me. However, this shoot gave me a chance to push my creativity a bit and finally these shoes got lucky. They just added the right pop of color to the look.  I accessorized the outfit with some metal jewelry and a hint of punk (as usual). I’m wearing a coral lipcolor that the people at Maybelline New York India sent me recently and I’m totally in love with it right now. It looks like a dream on warmer skin tones.

Talking about the shoot, the soaring temperature in Hyderabad made it quite challenging for me to shoot this story under the scorching heat of the sun. But we somehow managed to keep our energy levels high with some in-between fruit juice breaks to counter the heat. The background went really well with the look, bringing out the colors of the outfit.

The thought itself of winning this contest and flying to the land of Coco Chanel and attending the Paris fashion week, makes my eyes twinkle with excitement. If you liked the look, here's what you can do for me. Show some love and like this post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (like you have always been doing) which will take me one step closer to my dream and winning this contest. 

P.S: Part 2 of this series where I styled another look is coming up in a bit. So excited to share that with you!   



Friday, 22 May 2015


Grey Maxi Dress- Koovs.comSandals- General Bazaar, Sec’bad | Bag - Max FashionSunglasses- Jabong.comNecklace - Thrifted | Hat- Gifted

How often do we go on a holiday or give ourselves a break from our busy schedules? Not everyone of us takes the liberty of planning out little getaways due to work or sometimes lack of company. Or maybe we love our beds too much to wake up early on a weekend and accommodate time for such activities. This trip to a local resort last weekend came in like an unexpected blissful breather after crazy months of slogging at work. With the weather in Hyderabad getting extremely horrible and with very few places to hangout, there was no reason to say no to this plan.
The beautiful flowers and vibrant greens were so refreshing to the eyes that they made me forget about all the deadlines and usual hustle and bustle of life. The leisure of walking around with a big sunhat and airy maxi dress on and keeping my mobile phone out of reach without a care in the world is what I loved about this trip. The sight of a cool big blue swimming pool made me jump into it like a kid the moment I saw it. Ideally, the best way to counter the heat! Though the resort did not meet our expectations in terms of food and activities, we still did enjoy as much as we could. We started back home in the evening when the sun got dim and the place started to calm down even more. 

With this trip, I did realize how important it is to unplug from our busy lives and connect with mother-nature. So here’s a promise I’m making to myself- I’ll treat myself  to a short vacation every once in a while and save up as much as possible to plan out trips to my favorite cities or even countries I’ve always wished to visit. Hope I’ll be able to add travel posts on my blog here on for all of you.



Sunday, 10 May 2015


It’s a typical Sunday afternoon. Feeling like the laziest person ever but lovin’ every bit of it.

A couple of things I’ve been doing this morning:

- sipping on fresh lime juice
- feeling too lazy to workout
- Ripping my good’ol denims
- listening to the best of The Rolling Stones
- Indulging in some great online shopping
- flipping through my favorite fashion magazines
- planning my upcoming outfit posts
- gorging on the yummiest dessert made by Mum

White Tee - Thrifted
Ripped Denims - DIY
Sunglasses- Thrift
Rosary- Gifted
Sandals- Koovs.com
Backpack- Max Fashion

 I’m wearing a basic white tee (that I'm so in love with) and denims that I have been ripping since morning. It’s becoming my favorite Sunday activity to do something creative with old clothes. To complete this very basic look, I wore my favorite matte lipstick in a wine shade and super-comfy jelly sandals I bought last year. I’m carrying my favorite backpack that I’ve been using every single day for the past- I don’t know how many months. It’s kinda become a part of my ‘basics’.

Hope you like the look. Lot more is coming up on the blog. Stay tuned!

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      Happy Sunday!


Friday, 8 May 2015


    Lily Aldridge for Maxim Magazine

Most of us have the tendency to put on that extra flab due to irregular work hours, binge eating and stress. But no matter what, there is no excuse to take things easy when it comes to health and beauty. There are so many cute clothes lying in your wardrobe that do not fit anymore, waiting to be worn again after years. So hit the gym, do yoga, kick boxing, Pilates or whatever works for you. It’s extremely important to take time out for yourself no matter how busy you are. Plan your fitness schedule according to your office or college timings. Have a target set for yourself and keep a count of the number of days you have missed gymming by marking your calendar reguarly.  Have your favorite fashion icon's picture hung in your room to keep yourself inspired and motivated. Be patient and don't lose hope. Working hard always leaves you with long lasting results. Remember, Rome was not built in a day

Concentrate on your diet. Fad diets don't work. Do have lots of grilled chicken, fish, prawns and eggs if you are a non-vegetarian. Avoid rice for dinners. have oats, brown rice instead. Consult your doctor for vitamins that makeup for all that you're missing in your everyday diet. I've a sweet tooth and avoiding a dessert is almost impossible for me. I feel it's ok to indulge and workout a li'l extra  

My favorite breakfast is Kellogs K. I throw in some fruits like bananas. strawbs and nuts to make it tastier and healthier.

It's always good to browse through the content available online and try to craft a diet plan that doesn't not contains foods that are difficult to find. We get too lazy to hit the supermarket that's far off to pick up what we need and eventually lose interest. So be realistic.

I always carry some almonds and walnuts in my handbag to satisfy my in-between- work cravings. If you work,  this post I had done few months ago must help you with keeping fit and healthy.

Go on a water cleanse. Most of us don't consume the amount of water our body needs everyday due to our hectic work schedules and lifestyles. However, make sure you have 4 litres of water at least on the weekends. Place four 1 liter bottles in your fridge and keep a count so you finish all four of them. Squeeze in half a lemon and add honey to your water bottle to make it interesting for yourself. Green smoothies are also a good for detoxification.

Have lots of green tea (make sure it's decaffeinated). It eliminates the fat and toxins from the body. 

Watch great movies, read good books, magazines, try different skincare remedies to beautify your skin.

Remember that one can never be perfect; however, your hard work and efforts will for sure highlight your beauty camouflaging those little flaws. Stay inspired and keep your spirits high!

Hope you liked this post :) 

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