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Monday, 24 November 2014

 THE PUNK style
     - STYLE 101 -

More often, I like to add an element of punk to my look. I have always been naturally attracted to the rock style of the 70s, the kohled eyes, bold nail colors, leather jackets, short black skirts. studded shoes, ear cuffs. I remember the time when I had even dyed my hair red in my college days- a few strands though. I love to paint my nails in black very often, infact, I always carry a black nail color in my bag. My shopping from my last trip to Goa included a lot of metal jewelry, earcuffs and unusual jewelry which I almost wear every other day. The DIY torn jeans, loose black Tees rule my wardrobe. Also, I've been collecting a  lot of rosaries and cross pendants for quite a few years. The love never ends. Imagine, I wear them to work too! The pictures in this post are all my favorites. Notice the safety pins on the jacket, thick eye brows, rings, the hair. Love them all!


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