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Sunday, 16 February 2014


-STYLE 101-

Deciding what to wear on your birthday can be tricky. Most of us get into last minute shopping not being able to pick the right outfit and end up buying stuff we are not satisfied with.

To avoid all the hassle, I've listed down a couple of looks you could try on your birthday:

Dress:  Wearing a dress on your birthday can make you look like the prettiest thing on earth. Maxi Dresses/Tunics/Knee length dresses in hues of red, pink,yellow and orange make you look like the perfect birthday girl. You might want to team your dress with a nice blue denim jacket just to add some more chicness to your look.

Casual Blazer/DenimsNot every one feels comfortable wearing a dress on their birthday as you may not want to just go for a lunch or movie but would want to run,jump and hop around with your girl friends or go go-karting. A chic casual blazer paired with cute denim shorts or trousers gives you the freedom to have all the fun!

Accessories & Make upA funky neck piece complementing the dress adds to the prettiness of the outfit.
Don't go heavy on the make-up. An evenly moisturized face with a hint of pink/peach blush on the cheeks, a black liner on the eyes and dash of pink on the lips is all that's required to give you that fresh pinky look. You can also experiment with different shades of eye-shadows to make the look more interesting. Paint your nails in funky colors and you're ready!

Bag/Shoes: Complete the look with a colorful bag and the right pair of shoes. Comfort should be the first thing kept on mind while selecting the footwear since you wouldn't want to trouble your feet making your birthday outing a dreadful experience. If you're wearing shorts, ankle strap flats is the best choice. A pair of comfy heels in shades of beige,black or blue go well with a dress.

Shopping online 3-4 days before the birthday can result into a big disaster if your order does not reach on time or if the size you ordered is not the perfect one. Make sure you plan your outfit and accessories at-least 3 weeks before your birthday and not have the mess of shopping a day before but have a relaxing experience at a spa just to look like the most gorgeous girl on earth on your birthday!

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