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Tuesday, 23 December 2014




              Photography by Sarath Shetty | Concept & Styling by me
     Hair & Makeup- Emraan

            Shrug & White Cropped Shirt- Vero Moda | Black Maxi Dress- Choies.com | Stole- Thrifted | Bag-Oriflame |Boots- Asos | Ring-Goa

Quite late! But finally, I felt the wintry breeze on my skin as I woke up this morning. There's always been something magical about this season that makes me long for it the whole year- the knitwear, the curling up in the blankets, the wait for Christmas & New Year and of course, the Coffee. The opening of StarBucks' new outlet in Hyderabad doubles the joy of relishing every bit of this season for a coffee lover like me. The interiors that it's so known for, the aroma of the fresh coffee beans, the very pleasing staff, everything about the place makes it the perfect hangout for everyone who is or not a coffee lover. 

Talking about my first love- dressing up,  winter is the best time to dig out everything from your wardrobe right from leather jackets, boots, overcoats and feel like a Parisian. The clothing brand that is topping my favorites list right now is Vero Moda. And guess, I seriously need a big new closet for all the pieces I have bought from the brand lately. lol. The long shrug I'm wearing in this shoot was something I wanted to feature for a very long time and I'm glad it finally happened . I teamed the black Maxi dress with a white cropped shirt inside, a stole and the printed long Shrug that I can throw over my shoulders just when I don't want to feel too warm. With this feature, I got to work with an eminently talented photographer  -Sarath Shetty. Working with people who are so passionately dedicated to their work and understand your vision so well is bliss. A big thanks to you Sarath.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


There are times when you don't have a stream of thought and you just want to randomly put together all the things you love . This post compiles few pictures I've come across this winter that have been inspiring my everyday style.

Button Down shirt under a black fitted blazer, red leather shorts and long chains in the neck, everything about this look is so chic.

Oversized sweater worn over a shirt and paired with a lacy skirt, this look is super easy to style.

A black cropped blazer worn over a black tank and leopard print slit skirt, this is one of my favorites.

A white oversized knit top with a black checkered skirt, a sling bag and messy hair, how cool is this look! 

Glossy shimmer, flowy silhouette, bronze on the eyes and cheeks, this look is experimental yet easy.

Skinny jeans, shirt layered with a black long jacket or shrug, I can wear this look almost everyday.

Dark lips, black long jacket with culottes, a smart bag, this look is crisp and edgy.

A long beige dress slits worn with a gold neckpiece, this look oozes femininity and elegance. Loved the socks and tan shoes.

Blue on Blue, knit with checks, it's a ten-on-ten!

Beige and winters go so well together.

Hope you guys are enjoying styling up yourselves this season! XOXO

                         I DRESS FOR THE APPLAUSE

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


For all those who spend good 9 hours of their day/night at work like me, maintaining beauty and fitness is a bit of a challenge. When you are constantly hungry while working and have no one to stop you from hitting the pantry to access all the yummy chocolate doughnuts and muffins, you're sure to have skin breakouts and some extra flab around your waistline. To keep fit and beautiful, here are few things you wanna know I keep in my office drawer:

WATER BOTTLE: Every office keeps those small paper cups near the water dispensers.  However, we get so engrossed in our work or lazy at times to walk up to the dispenser and get ourselves that tiny cup of water. We do not realize that our body and skin needs 4 litres of water to look fresh, wrinkle free and glowing. Therefore, putting a nice bottle in your drawer always helps.

GREEN TEA:  Green Tea is known for its slimming effects and making the skin glow. I always keep a pack of green tea bags in my drawer and have atleast 2 cups at work.

MUG: I like to use my own mug for green tea since I do not find the paper cups sufficient for the quantity I like to have.

PEANUT BUTTER: Snack time is when you are more vulnerable to having all sorts of fattening food. So when hunger strikes. I get my peanut butter jar out of the drawer and spread it on the brown bed available to me at work. If you do not have it available in your office, you can pack a few slices everyday to avoid the unnecessary snacking.

SPOON: I always keep a spoon in my drawer- for peanut butter, honey or ice-creams/desserts when I think I can take the liberty to binge in. It's allowed once in a while! Don't you think so! 

CHOCOLATE: When you're super sleepy and have loads of work piled on, a small piece of chocolate will keep you awake. You can also keep a bar of dark chocolate in your drawer instead of the regular one. It's lot more healthier.

ALMONDS: 3-4 almonds a day when you're really hungry is always a healthy option. Put them in a cute box and place it in your drawer. They are great for your skin and body.

SANITIZER: Typing on the keyboard used by 10 different people or shaking hands at work and touching your face with your fingers carelessly leads to breakouts/ skin infections and health issues. Place a small yummy smelling bottle in your drawer (I like the strawberry one) and keep sanitizing your hands frequently.

PAPER NAPKINS: Needless to stay, these are a must must-have.

MIRROR: A girl's best friend, mirror is very important to keep your makeup in check. Carry it in your bag or place it in your drawer. It's upto you.

NOTEPAD & PEN: Times when you are free at work and want to write down all the pretty things you gonna shop after your shift or pen down your ideas, you'll always need a notepad and a pen. Don't forget to put them in your drawer.

Lastly, make sure you lock your drawer before your move away from your desk. You don't want anyone to flick your fitness secrets  Happy Working!


Tuesday, 2 December 2014









My visit to a hair salon is incomplete without the hair stylist asking me ' What shampoo do you use? Your hair is so dry and frizzy! Why don't you go for a hair spa?'  Well, I have tried a gazillion shampoos and hair spa treatments that failed to change my hair and I have finally learnt to accept them the way they are. Wavy, a bit rough and dry, that's how they naturally are. But I guess the texture of my hair makes it easy for me to style. I'm happy that way! I usually like to wear my hair messy and tousled. To texturize my hair and give them those beach waves, I use the Toni & Guy Sea Salt spray- I have always loved their hair styling range and this one is my favorite pick from the range.  And if I have to tie my hair, it has to be in a top knot, a half bun or in a messy fishtail braid. For a clean hairstyle at times, I like to do a glossy sleek bun. These hairstyles are so easy to wear for a person like me who doesn't have time and patience all the time to style or straighten them and likes the out-of-the-bed look. I even miss combing my hair at times! However, I make a point to give my hair a hot oil treatment with a mix of coconut, olive, almond with a few drops of lavender oil once a week, and love the good old grandma's remedies like a mix of grounded Fenugreek seeds and Yoghurt or Mashed Banana with Honey and Milk. A hair spa at times as the hair stylists suggest- but at home.


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