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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

- STYLE 101 -

She is a fashion consultant, brand expert and style forecaster. Yasmin Sewell has worked with various well known brands like ChloéHermès, Mulberry, Zara and Asos to name a few and launched many young designers at her boutique. I've been an ardent lover of this woman's personal style. She layers like a boss experimenting with unusual color combinations and absolutely nails it every time.  Her messy hair, minimal make up and effortlessly styled looks is what makes me a huge fan of hers’. She exudes confidence and is someone who doesn't shy away from repeating her clothes, accessories and shoes. I recently came across her interview on a fashion website where she said she is not the kind of person that buys a new bag every season but someone who every few years will fall in love with something that she wants to have for the rest of her life and hand down to her children. 

 I could go on and on about this wonder woman but gotta head out now. Taking you straight to her pictures to let them do the talking. 

Isn't she just so gorgeous! Love her!


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