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Saturday, 28 November 2015


Fashion Magazines have been my biggest source of inspiration and companions in times of boredom. I always love to have my favorite ones lying around and sometimes in my backpack when I know I have to wait for a meeting. The glossy pages, the editorials, the models and designers featured in the magazine, the latest fashion & beauty trends make me a true fashion magazine lover. Everything to inspire you on a bad hair day or when you are feeling dull and gloomy for whatever reasons. I just wonder what amount of hard work goes into creating those images, choosing the cover star, gathering trend reports from across the globe and so much more.  Of course there is a vast team that works collectively to get the copies on stands for us, but there is a lot more work and pressure than one can imagine.  With the rise of digital media and people having kindle editions available at their convenience, considerably less people prefer paper copies these days, me being one of those few people. Nothing can replace the feel of a real copy in your hands, fingers sliding across lustrous pages, and the look of it. Plus, it keeps me away from my computer screen for some time at least. 
It always fills my eyes with excitement to come home to a new issue of my favorite magazine and I flip through it the entire day with the yummiest dessert and music that refreshes my mind. My favorite activity!


Wednesday, 25 November 2015



Jacket - Jabong | White Dress - Vinegar Fashion | Boots - Carlton London | Sunglasses - Mac V Eyewear

New in the closet is this animal print scarf sent by Accessorize India few days ago. Not crazy about animal prints but this got me head-over- heels in love with it. I chose to style it with a white dress and a black jacket by wrapping it around my neck. Loving the whole Parisian vibe it’s bringing. Isn’t it beautiful? Simply love!!


Saturday, 21 November 2015



Leather Jacket (faux)- Vero Moda | White Tee- Thrifted | Pleather Jeggings - Pieces | Sunglasses – Max Fashion | Clutch – Paprika | Boots – Asos  

Photographer- Jitendra B | Styling, Modelling & Editing - Naznin Suhaer

It’s leather-weather finally! It was drizzling for the past two days and I’m loving it’s getting chillier here in Hyderabad. Time to get all my jackets from the back of my closet to the front.  This new one from Vero Moda is a current favorite because of the whole biker feel it has and the color. I don’t wear this shade so often. No specific reason, but just don’t own as many pieces in this color. Now that it’s looking great, have a reason to shop some new stuff. Also because, we’re only a month away from Christmas! Yay! I’m so much in a holiday mood and the fact that December is almost upon us is making me so excited.
Coming back to the look, I’m wearing this jacket over my coolest white tee and a pair of pleather jeggings. Plain white tees are a must have. Completed the look with my black boots (I know I’ve worn it quite a number of times, but I simply love them) and a black clutch.
 Hope you liked the look! I’m working on a lot of new winter posts which I’m hoping to publish very soon. In the meanwhile, do follow I Dress for the Applause on Instagram for everyday updates.

Monday, 16 November 2015


Life could be so much better if we did not hurt anyone, if we said sorry without waiting for the other person to do so. If we made efforts to make one feel better without expecting nothing in return. If we didn’t talk behind someone’s back, instead talked to them to sort out the differences.  If we did not just run behind money but valued emotions instead.

Caught up in ourselves, we often forget to love the ones who care for us. 
We miss out on giving them the attention they need; blame it on the feeling that makes you feel they are always going to be around. The known fact that we keep talking about (usually as per our convenience which is sad) is that- life is uncertain. Yes it is. In every way. We can have control only on certain controllable aspects of life. Therefore- have no regrets. Live life to the fullest. Do what your heart desires. But also grab that one chance you get to make the people in your life feel happy and loved. Say everything you haven’t said yet, for the time will never be just right, for you do not know what the next minute has in store for you. For you don’t know how close you are to lose someone.

Dedicating this post to my grandmother who I’m sure is in a better place now.

Signing off with a profound thought by Coco Chanel- 
‘The dead are not dead as long as we think about them’


Wednesday, 11 November 2015



Vest Jacket- Code by lifestyle | Skirt- Lara Karen | Scarf- Thrifted (Old) | Shoes - Salt N Pepper | Clutch- Max Fashion (Old)

A super quick post of what I’m wearing today. Channeling the skinny scarf trend that has been quite big this season + the blue- red contrast that I’m totally in love with.  Also, growing fond of this vest that I picked up from lifestyle recently. I’ve already worn it thrice (see here) and can’t seem to get enough of it.  Keeping it minimal with li’l blush on the cheeks and a hint of pink on the lips for a busy day like today. Hope you liked the pictures. Heading out now! 

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015



Photos by Jitendra B | Concept , Styling & Modelling by Naznin Suhaer


Black Crop Top - Faballey | Black Shirt, Black Shrug, Black Trousers – Thrifted | Necklace and head piece – Old | Sandals- Koovs | Bag- Gifted

There is something about Diwali lights that takes me into a different world of tranquility. The aroma of the food, the delectable sweets prepared, and the idea of a soiree delights me beyond words. However, styling a look on festivals is a tricky task for a person like me who owns very few traditional pieces in the wardrobe. Investing in ethnic pieces is something I rarely consider since I don’t wear them around the year. Therefore, creating a fusion look with some Indian jewelry is what came to my mind this Diwali. I decided to style this look with a black sheer shirt and a crop top worn inside and layered the shirt with a shrug. To bring in the festive vibe, I accessorized the look with my good old kundan necklace and a headpiece. Hair pinned up in a low bun, a dash of gold on the eyes, some bronze on the cheeks and a matte brown lip completed the look. And of course, a great pair of high heels and a clutch to go with it. Hope you liked the look. I would love to know how you all styled yourselves.
Wishing you all a safe and blissful Diwali! J

Thursday, 5 November 2015


CODE by lifestyle

Dress- Code | Line drop Necklace- Toniq | Layered Necklace- Ginger 
 Photographer- Jitendra B | Concept – Jitendra B & Naznin Suhaer | Styling & Modelling- Naznin Suhaer

First week of November and I’m all excited to bring to you the first winter post I’ve been working on in collaboration with Lifestyle International. Like you know, I was invited by them few days ago to be a part of their Style Circle event. The event celebrated the 2015 Autumn Winter collection by lifestyle’s own labels - Code by lifestyle, Fame Forever, Ginger, Paprika, Bossini, Melange and Kappa as well as other retail brands.
Their collection this year is an interesting assortment of some major trends that were seen on the runway with striking patterns and silhouettes for the season. The Ikat prints, the Denims, the Aztec- Bohemian and the Dark Florals are the major highlights of their collection. While the Ikat prints have been incorporated in the Indianwear collection in a way to give it an interesting modern feel, the denim collection is inspired by the 50s American workwear with lighter fabric and prints. The Aztec – Bohemian collection includes a lot of lace, fringe and tie and dyes with a dreamy, thoughtful take on country looks. Coming to the Dark Florals, it is one of the biggest trends showcased on the runway by designers Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and Valentino this Fall. Dark base and contrasting pretty blooms are the key notes of this collection. One of my personal favorites, you can see me sporting this trend here.
When asked to pick up something for myself from their collection, I picked this blue dress from Code by lifestyle for its color and comfortable fabric which is apt for the season and completed the look by layering two gold-toned necklaces. Code by lifestyle is their in-house endorsed by actors Anushka Sharma and Farhan Akhtar. The collection includes fitted jackets, skirts, printed/ embellished tops and dresses meant for everyday casual wear as well formal wear. The brand is for anyone who loves simplicity, clean cuts, comfort, and interesting colors. It includes lot of basics that can be mixed and matched with what you already have, giving you the freedom to go ahead and create your own code. Do check out the collection here. I'm sure you'll love it.


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