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Saturday, 21 November 2015



Leather Jacket (faux)- Vero Moda | White Tee- Thrifted | Pleather Jeggings - Pieces | Sunglasses – Max Fashion | Clutch – Paprika | Boots – Asos  

Photographer- Jitendra B | Styling, Modelling & Editing - Naznin Suhaer

It’s leather-weather finally! It was drizzling for the past two days and I’m loving it’s getting chillier here in Hyderabad. Time to get all my jackets from the back of my closet to the front.  This new one from Vero Moda is a current favorite because of the whole biker feel it has and the color. I don’t wear this shade so often. No specific reason, but just don’t own as many pieces in this color. Now that it’s looking great, have a reason to shop some new stuff. Also because, we’re only a month away from Christmas! Yay! I’m so much in a holiday mood and the fact that December is almost upon us is making me so excited.
Coming back to the look, I’m wearing this jacket over my coolest white tee and a pair of pleather jeggings. Plain white tees are a must have. Completed the look with my black boots (I know I’ve worn it quite a number of times, but I simply love them) and a black clutch.
 Hope you liked the look! I’m working on a lot of new winter posts which I’m hoping to publish very soon. In the meanwhile, do follow I Dress for the Applause on Instagram for everyday updates.

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