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Friday, 7 August 2015

- STYLE 101 -

Model- Charlene | Photographed by Suresh Natarajan

These pictures have been a monsoon inspiration for me ever since the issue of Vogue India April 2011 was published. And what better time can it be to write this post while it’s raining at 2:00 in the morning. These pictures are the first that come to my mind during the monsoons, the reason being the color palette. The marriage of colors in this story and the tropical mood of this editorial inspire me in every way to try these color combinations. Not just in terms of make-up but also gives me ideas of how these tints can be blended with each other to create a beautiful monsoon look. I feel that inspiration can come to you in any form. One can draw inspiration from a runway model or a village girl who knows nothing about fashion but wears a green kurta with a blue flared skirt which if one wears on the runway sets a huge trend for the next one or two years. Inspiration lies even in the non-living things like a green door of an old rundown building, the algae on the grey rocky walls or even a red-blue combination of a fire extinguisher. Here I loved how yellow has been used with pink, red with green and different shades of blue with pink. Each picture has details written on it to give an idea of how you can get the look along with the color of the outfit you can wear it with to make the makeup standout. 

 Such pictures take me into an imaginary world where everything is colorful, placid and serene with so much flora and fauna around, where butterflies talk to flowers, where mulberry insects sit on the leaves as if they are aware of how incredibly beautiful they look standing out as red polka dotted lovelies against a green background. Isn’t the nature so beautiful! One only needs to look around, appreciate and get inspired.


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