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Tuesday, 16 December 2014


There are times when you don't have a stream of thought and you just want to randomly put together all the things you love . This post compiles few pictures I've come across this winter that have been inspiring my everyday style.

Button Down shirt under a black fitted blazer, red leather shorts and long chains in the neck, everything about this look is so chic.

Oversized sweater worn over a shirt and paired with a lacy skirt, this look is super easy to style.

A black cropped blazer worn over a black tank and leopard print slit skirt, this is one of my favorites.

A white oversized knit top with a black checkered skirt, a sling bag and messy hair, how cool is this look! 

Glossy shimmer, flowy silhouette, bronze on the eyes and cheeks, this look is experimental yet easy.

Skinny jeans, shirt layered with a black long jacket or shrug, I can wear this look almost everyday.

Dark lips, black long jacket with culottes, a smart bag, this look is crisp and edgy.

A long beige dress slits worn with a gold neckpiece, this look oozes femininity and elegance. Loved the socks and tan shoes.

Blue on Blue, knit with checks, it's a ten-on-ten!

Beige and winters go so well together.

Hope you guys are enjoying styling up yourselves this season! XOXO

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