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Saturday, 8 February 2014


-STYLE 101-

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’re getting to see all the makeup tips and dress up guides for girls everywhere. But is anybody thinking of helping you guys out there? Don’t lose heart boys! Here are few tips to rescue you and make sure your woman goes gaga over you!

1.White shirt: A bright white casual shirt is something you can never go wrong with. A navy blue or a grey shirt can also be your options. Just before you don it, make sure it’s ironed well. Pair it with slim fit party trousers or a cool pair of denims.

2. A slim Red Tie: Who said red is only for women. A super sleek red party tie on a white shirt will make your woman lose her heart to you all over again. If you don’t have one, get online and shop!

3.Ear stud: Do you have any idea how much girls love their guys wearing a sexy stud in the ear! If you do not have a piercing or if you're reluctant about getting it done, you could choose a clip-on earring from a wide variety available in the market or online shopping portals.

4.Watch: A smart casual watch on the wrist just adds to the look. Roll up your sleeve and flaunt that Gucci!

5. Party Shoes: Make sure you wear the right pair of shoes and not make a fashion blunder. Black, brown, blue and beige are always the safest options.

6. Perfume: Smelling sexy will make your woman want to be in your arms while you dance with her all night. Invest in a fragrance that defines your personality.

Trim your nails. Gel back your hair.

Lastly, don't forget to slip that beautiful gift you bought for her into your pocket.

Now! When you sing “Baby please say yes tonight and for the rest of your life”, the answer would definitely be ‘Yes’! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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