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Monday, 7 September 2015

- STYLE 101-

While I’m not someone who strictly follows trends and does a wardrobe edit according to fashion seasons, I love to keep myself updated with the current trends. I do incorporate them in my wardrobe according to what goes with my personal style and invest in pieces that I’m going to wear for as long as the clothes will last. I do ask a lot of questions to myself before buying something- how many pieces can I pair this with? Do the weather conditions in my city allow me to wear this? Can I wear it throughout the year? Can I get this for a better price elsewhere? Makes shopping decisions easier.

I really like the fact that we have to come to a stage where fashion and trends are getting finer day by day. So much that they are becoming a part of our basic wardrobe which lessens the risk of the amount of money we invest in them. For instance, the crop tops. Various fashion magazines and trend setters forecasted they would be out. But they are still in the running. Why do we even want them to go? What looks pretty and fits the bill doesn’t need to go. But again, we love creativity and definitely like welcoming the new trends without having to blindly throw out the old. Mixing old pieces with new ones leads to the rise of another new trend.

Here I have listed all of my favorite trends (Spring and Fall) of the year 2015 that were spotted this year on the runway, fellow bloggers and fashion editors. 

1.UTILITARIAN(Khaki/Army green/Olive)

Parka jackets, cargo pants, trench coats or just plain tops look great in this color. Seen on Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid and many other models, this color is a must have in a wardrobe.


This trend is super hot! I really love the peek-a-boo it plays. Black and whites are the best colors to pick.


This trend always keeps coming back. Very romantic and feminine, a nice off –the- should top is a good investment. Seriously trending  at the moment.


A good pair of overalls in the wardrobe can really up the style quotient. You can style them in hundred thousand ways. 


Loving this trend. Black, red , orange and blues are the best colors to have.

I wouldn’t say this trend can be worn frequently. But it’s quite in these days and looks beautiful. Fringed Bags, skirts and boots are what you can try if you like the boho vibe.


A classic trench coat can make a super boring outfit trendy. It can never be out of fashion. Should shop one real soon especially because winter is around the corner.


Another trend I love is lace. Shirts and dresses with lace details look very beautiful. Hope you liked this post. Do not forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with all the new happenings on I Dress for the Applause.


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