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Wednesday, 1 April 2015


When it comes to experimenting with fashion, I’m a true Gemini who doesn’t shy away from trying new things. For me, everyday has it's own mood and I've never been a fan of monotony. I dress up like a girly girl one day and get out wearing a men's shirt and old ripped denims the next day. I mean..there are a whole lot of things in fashion to insanely fall in love with and my fondness for it only grows everyday. However,this post specifically features my liking for bandanas and head scarves. I’ve been wearing them to work, college, shopping and vacations and simply love how they bring in a bohemian vibe to an otherwise plain look. One can wear them with Tees, maxi dresses, shirt dresses, bikinis and almost everything.  So while I go shopping for some new ones in interesting prints and pretty colors for this season (which I hope to share in my future fashion stories), enjoy these looks and let me know if you tried any. 


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