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Friday, 12 June 2015


These twins took the fashion world by storm and are well known for their amazing dress sense. Yes! I’m talking about the Olsen twins. They have been an inspiration to millions of girls around the world, me being one of them. This post has been pending for the longest time ever. But since it’s their birthday tomorrow (13th June) and I happen to share my birthday with them (feels on top of the world to share your birthday with your fashion icon :-p ), I finally managed to spare some time out to do a post on their personal style. I absolutely love their style and 'every' outfit they wear; maybe it’s that ‘Gemini’ thing :D .  For Gems, comfort comes first, at least for most of them that I've known. The duo is known for their oversized clothing, dark sophisticated colors, big handbags and amazing sunglasses. I adore how they complement each other and look so coordinated even when not wearing the same color. Not just that, they established their own fashion label called ‘The Row’ which has a minimal chic vibe and every outfit of their label screams Olsens. It includes ready-to-wear, handbags, eyewear and became famous in the fashion business for its price tags. I could go on and on but this space is just not enough to talk about this wonderful duo. Also, I gotta hit the salon for some pre-birthday indulgence now. So leaving you with few of their pictures I love and here’s wishing the twins a very Happy Birthday! And of course! Happy Birthday to me J !! 


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