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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

- STYLE 101 -

She is a fashion consultant, brand expert and style forecaster. Yasmin Sewell has worked with various well known brands like ChloéHermès, Mulberry, Zara and Asos to name a few and launched many young designers at her boutique. I've been an ardent lover of this woman's personal style. She layers like a boss experimenting with unusual color combinations and absolutely nails it every time.  Her messy hair, minimal make up and effortlessly styled looks is what makes me a huge fan of hers’. She exudes confidence and is someone who doesn't shy away from repeating her clothes, accessories and shoes. I recently came across her interview on a fashion website where she said she is not the kind of person that buys a new bag every season but someone who every few years will fall in love with something that she wants to have for the rest of her life and hand down to her children. 

 I could go on and on about this wonder woman but gotta head out now. Taking you straight to her pictures to let them do the talking. 

Isn't she just so gorgeous! Love her!


Thursday, 25 June 2015


Styling, Modeling and Editing by me 


Dress- Femella | Necklace- Ebay | Hat-NewLook | Sandals- Globus

Eyes- Maybelline Colossal Liner | L'oreal Paris Kajal Magique |  L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lash Mascara | Oriflame Very Me Downtown Grey Eyeshadow | Lips- Colorbar Pretense LipColor | Nails- Oriflame Silver Graffiti Nail Color

While everyone likes to keep it all colorful in this season, I love to wear black for I feel the color is made for monsoons. I so love the dark and gloomy feel it creates. I haven’t been a great fan of rains for the reason that all your work schedules get delayed and you just can’t afford to wear your favorite shoes and walk on the roads. But hey! I don’t mind staying indoors for a day or two, enjoying good music with a couple of fashion magazines and coffee. Talking about this look, I bought this dress few months ago and ironically, was waiting for monsoons to kick in so I could shoot this story. I loved the hi-lo hemline and the simplicity of this dress. It’s so versatile that I can already think of various different ways of styling it.  However, I would prefer wearing it when I’m not going to walk in the rain since it’s a little too flowy for this season. (The shorter- the better for monsoons.) I threw on my new favorite tribal necklace on this dress and wore my hair in two messy braids; something I wanted to try for a very long time. Shot against this picturesque background, I loved how the pictures turned out. Hope you liked them too. Lot more monsoon posts are coming up on the blog. Stay tuned!   

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015


   Creative Direction, Styling, Modeling and Editing by me 


We all have been lucky enough to be brought up in the land of Ayurveda where our ancestors taught us how herbs and plants can be used to beautify our skin and hair. The old grandma secrets that have been passed on to us hold a great importance in our lives against the costliest of skincare products available in the world today. However, due to limited time in our schedules, it gets extremely difficult for a modern age woman to hand pound each herb and prepare something that our skin needs. Just when I wished I had someone who could do all the hard work and formulate something for me while keeping it completely organic, I came across Iraya. Iraya means ‘from the earth’ in Sanskrit. 'Ancient wisdom for Modern Living is the philosophy' Iraya swears by. Every product is formulated with care and made with love.

When they asked me to review any two products of my choice from their skincare range,  I chose the Nutrifying Facial Oil (for I’m a sucker for skincare oils) and the Orange and Tea Scrub as I found the ingredients quite interesting. The scrub contains the extract of green tea, orange and shell of walnut and almonds. It is meant to slough away the dead skin cells improving the skin texture and making it look polished and luminous. The main purpose of a review is to give you an honest opinion on what I feel about a product.  I’ve been using the scrub for about two weeks now and I’ve really fell in love with it.  It smells divine and it does its’ job of removing the dead skin cells pretty well. My skin appears fresh and softer after every use. I use the scrub 2-3 times a week after cleansing my skin, usually before bedtime and follow it up with the Nutrifying Facial Oil. Talking about the oil, it is a blend of herbal extracts and various essential oils that nourish the skin and slow down the process of aging due to harmful effects of pollution and stress. I massage few drops of it onto my skin till the oil is completely absorbed into my skin.  I usually avoid using a facewash in the morning when at home and just splash some water on my face to keep the skin soft and clean. This oil works beautifully on my skin and it feels radiant and supple the next morning without making it look greasy. I also add a drop of this oil to my moisturizer to bring out a glossy effect on my skin. We shot this story under the cloudy sky amidst a rustic background and it rained soon after we wrapped up the shoot, like it had never rained before.


Friday, 12 June 2015


These twins took the fashion world by storm and are well known for their amazing dress sense. Yes! I’m talking about the Olsen twins. They have been an inspiration to millions of girls around the world, me being one of them. This post has been pending for the longest time ever. But since it’s their birthday tomorrow (13th June) and I happen to share my birthday with them (feels on top of the world to share your birthday with your fashion icon :-p ), I finally managed to spare some time out to do a post on their personal style. I absolutely love their style and 'every' outfit they wear; maybe it’s that ‘Gemini’ thing :D .  For Gems, comfort comes first, at least for most of them that I've known. The duo is known for their oversized clothing, dark sophisticated colors, big handbags and amazing sunglasses. I adore how they complement each other and look so coordinated even when not wearing the same color. Not just that, they established their own fashion label called ‘The Row’ which has a minimal chic vibe and every outfit of their label screams Olsens. It includes ready-to-wear, handbags, eyewear and became famous in the fashion business for its price tags. I could go on and on but this space is just not enough to talk about this wonderful duo. Also, I gotta hit the salon for some pre-birthday indulgence now. So leaving you with few of their pictures I love and here’s wishing the twins a very Happy Birthday! And of course! Happy Birthday to me J !! 


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