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Monday, 21 April 2014



Ahh! The summer is here!! The sweet smell of the mangoes, the cool morning breeze, the candy Ice creams and the summer holidays! Everything about it makes us feel happy and excited. However, it is very important to be well equipped with all the beauty essentials to give those harsh sun rays a tough time damaging your skin and look amazingly pretty this summer.

Here are 10 essentials that you must carry in your colorful summer hand bag so that you look fresh all day long unaffected by the scorching heat of summers.


Regardless of the weather, a sunscreen is something that should never be avoided. However, most of us skip it feeling it will make our skin look oily, dark or may be we feel we're not going outdoors and may not need it. To break the myth, the sun rays can damage your skin even when it's cloudy outside.

So choose one that doesn't make your skin look oily or causes pimples. Trial and error method works the best to help find the right one for your skin.

Always apply sunscreen half an hour before you go out and keep reapplying it every two hours. Choosing an SPF 15 or 30 will do the job. So don't you dare skip it!

2.PERFUME/DEO :  Carrying a miniature perfume/deo always helps in keeping you feeling fresh especially when heading out for meetings or sneaking out for that quick lunchbreak date.

3.UMBRELLAA small colorful umbrella that can fit into your handbag makes you look stylish as well as saves you from the cruel sun rays. Pinks, greens and yellows are the best choice for summers.

4. SHADES: Invest in a smart pair of oversized shades that suit your face and always keep them in your handbag. They look incredibly stylish and save your eyes and the undereye area from the heat.

5. SCARFA colorful cotton floral scarf is the most stylish piece that can brighten any outfit and also saves your hair from the harmful UV rays that may discolor them, making it dry and brittle.

6. FACEWASHKeeping your favorite facewash in your bag always helps you freshen up instantly removing the sweat and grime off your face.

7. LOOSE POWDER: A light translucent loose powder swept evenly across the face brightens it up covering the open pores and imperfections. Apply it over your moisturizing sunscreen to give your face a fresh matte look.

8. BLUSH ONA nice pink and rosy blush on your cheeks will make your face look super fresh and pretty. Shades in orange and peach are options too.

9. LIPGLOSS:  Plump up your lips by adding on a dab of your favorite lipgloss and you're ready!

10. LIP BALM:  This weather can make your lips extremely dry and cause them to bleed too. Carry a lip butter or a plain vaseline lip balm all the time and keep applying it all day for those soft pink lips.

All of these in my bag and I'm summer ready! Are you?

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