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Thursday, 31 December 2015


Photography by Nikkhil Bareli | Styling, Modelling & Editing by Naznin Suhaer

Black Top - Miss Bennett | Skirt - Lara Karen | Shoes –Lavie | Clutch - Paprika

Few hours to go for the New Year to ring in and I’ve mixed feelings about how this year went as I lay on my couch and think about it. If I’m to be honest, the year hasn’t been too kind to me. The deadlines, staying up till late to finish work, grueling shoots and sometimes not enough support to get work done. However, it has taught me a couple of things - to be more flexible, hope for the best but be prepared for everything when things don't go according to plans, to let go, to be stronger than I was yesterday, to work towards your goals no matter how many people believe or don’t believe in you. Your goals are yours and you know how things are done if you want to reach your destination (even if you’re not sure what that destination it is). Though I’m a very practical person and a firm believer in hard work, over the years, I’ve reconciled to the fact that everything you need will come to you only at the right time, provided you don’t give up and keep working harder and smarter each day. When things get tough, there is always scope and hope for things to get better. It may take time, but if there is anything that pulls you out of your bed every morning despite all the challenges you’re facing, keep going. Don’t give up.
 New Year brings in new energy. A chance to start things afresh. To open a new diary, leaving the bad behind and carrying all the good things forward. And as I start writing my goals for 2016, health and well being top my list (something I’ve been very negligent about this year). Resolutions are not meant to be broken and following a healthy diet plan, exercise and sleep is something I will need to strictly keep reminding myself about. Also, going on a digital detox- staying away from my laptop & phone for a couple of days is much much needed.
 Keeping it less fussy, I’m wearing a black blingy top along with a dash of some kick-ass red lipstick for the New Year’s Eve. With a renewed spirit and a fresh mind, I look forward to 2016. Bring it on!


Thursday, 24 December 2015


Photography by Nikkhil Bareli | Concept, Styling, Modelling, Editing & Artwork by Naznin Suhaer

So happy that my most favorite part of the year is finally here. Everything looks so pretty and beautiful around this time. The colorful lights, Christmas tree, the cute stockings, mistletoe and so much red. I remember reading Christmas stories as a kid with colorful pictures, lots of snow, the big moon and Santa on a sleigh with his team of reindeer flying in the sky, carrying gifts for children in his sack . So fascinating! I was intrigued like every other kid to know if Santa would really come. And today as well, my eyes fill with joy and excitement as I wait for him to shower me with everything on my secret wishlist- (atleast few if not everything). Lot of love and happiness apart from the tangible things. 
Creating this post was super fun and really brought out the kid in me making me frolic around in my cutest red jumper and chrismas-y socks. 
I worked with Nikkhil again after this post (the most beautiful story created on I Dress for the Applause this year) and the fact that we know each other’s style of work makes it an even more enjoyable experience for us every time. 
I’m having a lovely time sitting in my bed having the yummiest cakes and cookies and listening to Christmas Waltz. Such a pretty song! I would recommend you all to listen to it while viewing this post.

Hope you are having a wonderful time! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



Tuesday, 15 December 2015



Juice Salon

The second part of my review is finally here.  Just in case you don't know, I had a hair makeover at the Juice Salon (Hyd) few days ago, Part –I of which you can check out here.
To begin with the review, the treatment started with a hair wash to prep my hair for the next steps that were going to be carried out after a little chat I had with the hair expert Ram, discussing my hair type and what I was looking for. I always love a nice hair wash at a good salon even when I’m not going for a cut.  Really works for when I’m feeling down and tired.
Post the wash, the stylist started with my haircut. I wasn’t looking for a drastic change and didn’t want to reduce my hair length. However, I wanted something that could get me rid of the split ends and gave my hair some volume and style. The stylist gave my hair some cool layers that I really loved without chopping away too much.
Next was –hair coloring. It had been three years that I had colored my hair ( I had red streaks back then) and this time I wanted something that didn’t look too flashy. After going through the color catalog, I selected a shade of blonde and decided to go for ombre highlights. Since my hair hasn’t been treated with color in a long time and is a little too dark, it took more than the usual time for them to get dyed. It’s not showing much in these pictures but the beauty of it is it starts showing more after a month or so when it’s fading.
After coloring my hair, came the most important part- a hair spa. My hair is naturally very dry and frizzy (read this post). I’ve tried a number of shampoos and conditioners and over the years have learnt to accept them for the way they are. However, I can’t blame them alone for being so dry for I’ve been blow drying & ironing them a lot in the past few days for my shoots (guilty!). Anyway, the spa started with the stylist applying the moisture-infusing hair mask into my hair strand by strand after which I was given the most relaxing massage ever for a good 20 minutes. So much that I almost fell asleep in that super comfy chair. After the massage, my hair was steamed so that the moisture penetrated deeply into each strand bringing back life and sheen to them. A quick wash followed leaving my scalp squeaky clean and my hair was beautifully styled.
The refreshing music, the cold coffee during the treatment, the stylist-Ram who did a fabulous job and the lovely people at Juice made it such a pleasurable experience for me.
I would recommend all of you to try a hair spa here (if not planning for a cut/color) for my hair felt very soft and beautiful after the treatment.
These pictures were taken the next day of the treatment and the curls look opened out a little, but I kind of loved them like that.

Hope you liked the pictures!

P.S: For some reason I’m really obsessing over shades of orange and coral (hence the dress J ). You can check out all my latest obsessions on my Instagram here.

Thursday, 10 December 2015


The new look!!

The super skilled guy behind the look 

With the Beautiful Kashish


I haven't had a haircut in a very long time (read six months) and this collaboration with Juice happened just at the right time. The hair experts here, the pleasant ambiance and a wide range of hair and beauty services available, make it my go-to place for all my hair treatments. A salon where I can go to without having to worry about my hair length being drastically shortened - a major apprehension all of us have before going for a cut. 
 I thought I would share these pictures taken during the treatment that was carried out to give my hair some life. Also, clicked some with these lovely people who made it such a pleasant experience for me. Part-2 of this post is coming up next on I Dress for the Applause to share a detailed review of my experience with Juice. Stay tuned! 


Saturday, 5 December 2015


Photographer- Jitendra B | Styling, Modelling & Editing- Naznin Suhaer


Sweater - Fame Forever by Lifestyle | Skirt - Ebay | Leather Jegging - Pieces | Rosary, Clutch & Lace-up Boots - Gifted

December has already kicked in and there is more urge for coffee than usual; waking up with chapped lips no matter how much lip balm you have smeared on last night is going to be an everyday story for a couple of months. A sudden desire to wear pretty socks, to cuddle up with your loved ones, to read books that feed your soul, to make reasons to skip office, have creamy tomato soup, cook-up yummy pasta, eat grilled fish and watch your favorite sitcoms seems like the most wonderful idea during the season. And of course, making sure you wear all the winter clothes that you own in your wardrobe. Since it’s officially ‘the’ season to layer up, jackets in leather, denim, trench coats, knits, and cardigans are the winter must-haves.
 Few beauty essentials for the season- a face mist, a good moisturizer, a lovely smelling hand & nail cream, a body lotion that works like a dream, a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated, a pink creamy blush-on, and a simple bed-time skincare routine. Also, going for aromatherapy, a relaxing foot massage, a hair trim and lots of beauty sleep are must-do's. I came across this somewhere that every hour spent asleep before midnight is worth two after midnight.
 Coming to the outfit, I’m wearing this beautiful sweater from Fame Forever which is another in-house brand of Lifestyle International. I picked it up for this shoot last time while I was at their store for the collaboration. I paired it with my black skirt and leather jeggings. Layering skirts over pants has been one of my favorite trends this year and I’m so much in love with it!
 Hope you liked this post! Happy Winters to all of you J

 P.S: I’ve been working with a young talent Jitendra to create quite a number of posts for I Dress for the Applause. Not only is he exceptional at understanding your vision, but is as passionate towards his work as I’m which led to working on a series of posts with him. In fact, the longest association with a photographer so far. A big thanks to you Jitendra. 

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