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Sunday, 17 August 2014


-STYLE 101-

All of us have wardrobe emergencies Don't we? However, the key to tackle them is to not wait for an occasion to shop but keep picking these things as and when we come across them. Here is what you should invest in..

Skirts in Black and White :  Be it long, tea length, knee length or mini skirts, black skirts always turn out to be your saving grace just when you have that ' I don't have anything to wear' moment. Team them with a formal shirt or a casual top, accessorize, and you create a whole new look! Therefore, investment in different types of black skirts is always a smart one.

Tanks/ Camisoles in Black and White: You can never have enough of them. I always keep stocking my wardrobe with these cuz no matter how many I buy, they get lost somewhere in my wardrobe that I can never find. :-D On a serious note, these are so useful, especially when you are running out of tops. Dress them or dress down, its upto you. Stock up on loads!

Shrugs/Cardigans/Blazers in Black and White: These work really well in layering and changing the entire look. They go with tanks, tops, shorts, trousers,denims, dresses, almost anything, and are best to keep you warm especially at work where the air conditioners are maintained at incredibly low temperatures. Keep picking up lots for they will never ditch you.

Denims: Skinny, pencil fit, ripped, boyfriend or mom jeans, invest in all the types that possibly exist on earth (of course the ones that suit your body type). These are wardrobe staples. Nothing more to say, you just gotta have them!

Footwear in black, white, silver and tan : Boots, sneakers, pumps, loafers, stilettos, buy them all in these colors and you will never have to go last minute shopping.

Do keep in mind that neither was Rome built in day, nor a wardrobe can be in a week or a month, unless you are a millionaire. I believe in shopping wisely, not being too brand conscious and don't consider compromising on quality either. 
Happy Shopping & Dress for the Applause!

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