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Sunday, 5 April 2015

 REVIEW PART 2| L'Oréal Paris

The year has been grueling so far and I got a bit delayed in sharing Part-2 of this review describing my first experience with the Skin Perfect Range by L'Oréal Paris. For all those who missed out reading Part 1 of my review, you can check out the post here. Talking about my skincare routine, I’ve been very regimental with keeping my skin clean and never go to bed without taking off my makeup. Be it only a trace of kohl or a soft pink shade on lips, I just do not allow it to sit on my skin at night. I do make a point to use an eye and lip makeup remover everyday and cleanse my skin with damp cotton and a creamy cleanser. Post that I wash my face off with a homemade scrub or a facewash. Though I love my dusky skin tone and have never tried any whitening or anti-aging creams, running errands all day in the scorching sun, stress and pollution did affect the healthy glow in my skin making it look dull. It is a fact in today’s time that even a 20 something needs a customized skin care range to counter these aging signs.

When L'Oréal Paris India sent me their Skin Perfect range, I was a little skeptical about trying this since I'm not very fond of anti-aging whitening creams and prefer using serums and sunscreen. However, I tried the Anti-Imperfections+ Whitening Cream (for Age 20+) after washing my face with the Whitening Facial Foam (for Age 20+). The facewash did a pretty good job in lifting away the impurities from my skin making it look fresh and clean. The cream just seeped into my skin like a dream as soon as I applied it, leaving it soft and oil-free unlike other products that make your skin look oily the moment you step out in the sun. The facewash and the cream smell like flowers on your skin and the sun protection it offers is another reason why I liked it as one doesn’t need to apply sunscreen additionally. This was my first experience with a product like this and I’m quite happy with it and definitely going to continue using it.  If you have tried the product, do let me know how you felt after using it. I would love to know.


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