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Tuesday, 25 March 2014


-STYLE 101-

Working on a Friday night and planning an adventitious trip to Goa the next morning! Boys! You can be so unpredictable! We know that summer beach trips are always exciting, but with no time to decide what to pack, you can miss out on stuffing your travel backpack with the most essential stuff to look your best through out the trip.

Here are the 12 essentials I've listed down that are sure to make those heads turn while you enjoy yourself on the beach with your coolest set of friends.

1.ChinosWhether it be a t-shirt with boat shoes or a kurta with chappals, you can never go wrong with chinos. Roll it up till the ankle if you like, it just looks summer perfect!

2. ShortsA comfy pair of shorts in different prints and styles are the best choice for beaches. With or without a Tee, the just look super cool !

3. T shirtsTees in soft blues, pinks and peaches go well with shorts and chinos. Always choose lighter fabrics since you don't want your skin to feel irritated on the beach.

4. GanjeesThese are the staples in a guys wardrobe. Experiment with oranges, greens and yellows to add more color to your look.

5. Short kurtaKurtas in whites, blues and beiges look incredibly stylish. If you do not have time to shop here, you could pick from the wide variety you find in Goa.

6. White casual shirtThis is something you can wear when going clubbing in Goa. Pair it with a cool pair of jeans and you're ready to groove.

7. Hawaiian chappalsThese are extremely stylish and the most comfortable ones. Easy to carry when you don't feel like wearing them to let your feet touch the beach sand, these are a must!

8.Watch : A smart watch just completes the look. Even when going shirtless, a big timeless watch is all that you need to look your best.

9. Bandana : Bandanas not only protect your hair from the harsh sun rays but also make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Pick ones in bright pop colors. Perfect for that volley ball match on the beach!

10. SunscreenThe very most important thing- Sunscreen. Invest in a high SPF waterproof sunscreen since you don't want to look 10 shades darker with a sun burnt skin when you're back. Remember! Not using sunscreen damages the deepest layers of your skin causing various skin diseases. So make sure you just don't give it a miss!

11. Shades: Don't forget to carry your pair of shades as they protect your eyes while making you look super hot!

12. NeckpiecePieces made of shells and beads give you that uber cool look. Goa markets are flooded with them. Pick ones that go with your style and rock the look!

So, pack your bag and get ready for a super fun trip! And not to forget, Dress for the Applause Boys!

Monday, 24 March 2014


A good oil massage can leave your skin with a radiant glow making you feeling pampered and relaxed. It can also help to remove dead cells and dullness from your skin, bringing fresh skin to the surface. However, it is important that you use the right oil for skin massages. This will help to ensure that the skin’s texture and elasticity is improved as well as giving the skin a nourishing and softening treat. 

Here are 4 oils that you should have in your beauty kit to help you have a gorgeous polished skin:

Evening Primrose Oil:

Evening primrose oil hydrates the skin and increases circulation. It also helps reduce inflammation and keeps pores clear. Even those who don’t have serious skin conditions may want to use this oil to as a daily facial treatment. Evening Primrose oil is available online or at any medical stores in the form of capsules. Cut open to apply it all over your face once a day with a cotton ball before bed right after you’ve washed your face with a mild cleanser. It helps your face from looking bleary and tired in the morning, perking up your eyes and keeping skin toned and bright.

Almond Oil:   

Almond oil massage helps to reduce dark circles under eye, remove dead skin cells, improves the texture of your facial skin. Another benefit of taking almond oil facial massage before bed is that the solution is actually very relaxing.
Almond oil also reduces sunburn effects on face, prevents aging, and gets rid of wrinkles. You can almost say that this oil is an all-in-one natural substance for your facial treatments.

Argan oil:  

Argan oil is full of essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that promote your overall health by moisturizing, softening as well as protecting your face and hair from sun damage .Massage a few drops directly onto your face and neck. Since argan is considered a dry oil, it absorbs quickly and is not greasy. If you want to use it as a serum, apply your night cream after the oil absorbs into the skin.

Olive oil: 

Olive oil is full of Vitamins and Antioxidants that help the skin cells to revitalize and heal, being particularly rich in Vitamin E. All you have to do is apply a really small amount to your face, especially around the eyes at bedtime and you'll have absolutely no sign of wrinkles.

        So oil your skin regularly and keep it happy and fresh! :-)

Thursday, 6 March 2014

-STYLE 101-

A perfect wardrobe consists of all kinds of clothes that reflect your style. However, it is incomplete without these basic essentials that you ought to have, just so that you don't have to spend hours thinking what to wear when in hurry.

Here is what you must possess:
1.White shirt: Apart from the basic white shirt-blue jeans pairing, you can do a lot more with a fitted white shirt.

You can team it up with:

  • formal pants 
  • formal fitted skirt, 
  • palazzo pants 
  • a long casual flared skirt 
  • a fitted party mini skirt 
2.Black tunic/shirt: This does an equally amazing job as the white shirt does.Casual, office or party, it goes with any occasion, can be teamed with almost anything and still looks different with different pairings. Throw some fun necklaces over it and have fun!

3.Denims: A well fitted pair of denims in a basic blue shade is a must-must have. Can be worn on a casual outing, a party or to work. It's always good to have at least 2-3 pairs in your wardrobe and make sure the fit is perfect. If you've lost weight, you know what to do! Go shopping b'cuz ill fitted jeans is a strict No-No!

4.Little black dress: I know what you thinkin! Yes!! An LBD is a perfect outfit for a date! Black makes a woman look strong, confident and sophisticated. Invest in a dress which accentuates your curves. Apart from wearing it on a date, you can even wear it to an evening dinner or a party.

5.Black mini skirt: Because its black, a tunic or shirt in any color can be paired with it. You can pick one in sequins,corduroy or leather. Accessorize well and you're ready to flaunt your beautiful legs and party all nite!
Always make sure that anything you wear shouldn't be too tight or too loose. A perfect fit makes even a normal dress standout. 

So! All ya girls out there! Dress well! Dress for the Applause ;-)

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