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Wednesday, 6 January 2016



Photos by Nada Firdaus & Naznin Suhaer | Creative Direction, Styling, Modelling & Editing by Naznin Suhaer

First post of this year and I feel elevated and excited to present this piece of work to you. Or if I may say so, it wasn’t ‘work’ actually. After taking up projects back-to-back and over-working, last month I realized how important it was to slow down and take a deep breath. When O2 spa invited me to review their brand new outlet at Jubilee Hills, I was glad to give myself a little treat of relaxation at the end of the year. Was much much needed! It was quite surprising to see this little paradise located in such a busy place.
I had the pleasure of experiencing two luxuriating services at their spa- An Aromatherapy Massage and an Organic Facial. I chose the ‘Relaxation Massage’ out of the five sub-categories of the Aromatherapy Massage ( Jetlag Eliminator, Anti-Cellulite, Relaxation, Detoxifier, Stress-Buster) ; each one uses a different aroma oil designed to treat you as per your requirement. The Relaxation Massage uses a mix of lavender and ylang- ylang oil which works well in de-stressing, relaxing and inducing sleep. The masseuse gave me a very relaxing treatment for 60 minutes and my skin surely felt soft, radiant and beautiful after.
The second treatment was the Organic Facial. Honestly, I’m not much into getting facials done at parlors for the products they use to enhance your skin tone temporarily or even permanently. I’ve always relied on the old grandma secrets to keep the skin healthy, soft and blemish-free. However, I really wanted to try this one since I’ve been quite complacent with my skincare routine off-late and wanted a treatment that would make my skin glow and made me feel reinvigorated.  The products used contained extracts of Pomegranate, rich in Vitamin A and C that are known to help in removing old skin cells while softening and soothing the skin. The treatment started with a deep-cleansing process using a cleanser and a polishing scrub, followed by toning and a massage with gentle strokes, finishing with a hydrating serum masque and a skin- refining masque. The treatment did not make any false promises of making my skin perfect and which was not even the reason to get it done, but my skin felt really smooth, soft and free of dead cells. A lovely experience it was.
 O2 is definitely a place to visit to forget about the everyday hustle for a day and connect with your soul, to pamper your skin and enjoy a no-work day. The place even has options to take the spa treatment with your loved one J. Also makes a great gifting option. You can find out more about their services and book your appointments here. They have some great discounts and offers going on right now!

Hope you liked this post! More coming up on I Dress for the Applause in 2016! Stay tuned!


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