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Monday, 6 April 2015

    STYLE 101

I was asked to do this post months back on what you beautiful ladies on the heavier side must avoid wearing to look slim. I'm so sorry for being li’l late on this. But like they say - better late than never. Here comes the post dedicated to all those lovelies who requested.

Following are the things to keep in mind:

1.Bold prints: Heavy prints like big polka dots, animal prints or anything that has a print near the bust or your belly will make you appear wider and make the whole look go wrong. If you're a fan of prints, go for smaller and delicate ones like this.

2.High necklines: High necklines will make your upper body look a lot heavier than it actually is. Opt for sharp cut V-necklines to create a fitted look. If you like to wear high necklines, go sleeveless to balance out the look.

3.Sleeves:  Puff sleeves, bell sleeves or the ones that end just above your elbow make you arms look big. Opt for sleeveless or well fitted full sleeves/mega sleeves to give your outfit a tailored appearance. 

4.Ill fitted garments- Ill fitted clothes will only make you look hefty. Always get your outfits altered if they don't fit well. Never go for outfits that are too tight for you. Fit is important.

5. Shiny fabric: Silk, satin and sequin reflect light and you'll end up looking out of proportion, especially if you are going to be photographed at a wedding or a party. If you love wearing sarees, avoid broad borders completely. Opt for slimmer ones.

6.Horizontal stripes: This is one of the most common mistakes that people on the higher side make. All those ladies who love these, I'm so sorry to break your heart. Horizontal stripes make your body look extremely broad. You can instead go for vertical stripes that gives a slimmer appearance.

7.Colors: Blacks and blues are your best friends if you're on the higher side. Even if you're not, these are must haves in a wardrobe. They'll make you look slim, smart and elegant.

8.Layer Up: This is the best way to create an illusion of a slimmer frame. Invest in well fitted dark colored blazers, cardigans. They work well in any season.                   

Like Coco Chanel said “Fashion is architecture: It is a matter of proportions”.

No matter how curvy you are, get the proportions right. Research online, try different clothes to see what works for you. There's something out there for every body type. Just takes a li'l hardwork to find what fits, but it's totally worth it. Love your body and stay healthy.

Hope this post helps to an extent. Let me know how you liked it by commenting below. 

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